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I am Dilshad Syed - A Fitness Blogger and Nutrition guide. Born in Mumbai, India.

My mission is to help you in achieving your fitness goals.

My Journey

I had never been to gym in my early days. Many of my friends had started gyming, but due to rumors of height getting stuck at growing age, never dared to go. But I was fond of sports activities, thinking 'since it is nothing to do with gym it will not affect my growth'.

1st time I hit gym and touched dumbbells when I started my engineering. Though in the span of 4 years visited only for 4 times. Today I didn't remember what all sets I had performed but yes, Next day pain was so extreme that I had given up going to gym. Rather, I used to take part in sports activities in weekends which helped my fitness maintained.

Few years later I joined Infosys at Mysore in 2014. In order to retain my fitness, I had taken club membership and joined gym again. Trainer used to tell us few basic sets. But not getting enough time to search on internet, related to workout steps and nutrition. Those who had done Infosys training knows better how tough it is. I did workout for 3 months with no results.

Moved to Pune in the same year and joined gym again at my residence. Did workout for around 6 months with hardly any good results. Problem was doing the same sets with same repetition every day. Only thing I know was to lift weight. Nutrition, Form, Rest and Stretching were things which I wasn't aware of.

While back in Mumbai I did enough research attended few seminars and workshops. Meet with few of the respected fitness trainers in Mumbai. Then realized that I was not following proper regime with no proper sets and no diet. Today I learned, which sets will target which muscle groups and how.


The main motive in building this website is to let my friends and readers know what all essential task we skip in the gym. Apart from gym I will also share other workouts and nutrition tips which you can do from your home/office without going to gym.


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  1. Hii dilshad I like ur fitness.. An u r the good person of ur life and u r hard working in ur life always God bless u my dear frnd

  2. Yes really it is such a nice tips…proper diet with regular work-out in gym…will definitely put a step ahead in maintaining my health…ultimately it is correctly said-“Health iz Wealth”…

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