Upper Body

Upper Body

Upper body training is the key to an attractive and healthy outlook and appearance. This is reason why most of the men prefer upper body workout to a great extent. Developing your upper body improves confidence and gives you a sense of capability.

Upper body strength training exercises target the large muscle groups located in the upper part of the body. The exercises, therefore, aim at strengthening the chest, biceps, back, triceps and the shoulder muscles.

The main advantage of upper body training is the solid posture and the best way to achieve it by toning back and shoulder muscles. Distance runners especially benefit from a strong upper body. The drooped posture will ultimately slow runners down and could result in injury for them once they're done running.

Strong shoulders are also important for those who bicycle for exercise. Those riding for speed bend the top half of their body toward their handlebars, with arms and shoulders taking a good chunk of the impact and force of the ride.

Below are the links to target each part of upper body.








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